Why Pure Results

We are focused on educating and supporting you towards your goals.


At Pure Results we focus on maintaining a healthy body by welcoming, supporting, encouraging, educating you and guiding you towards your personal fitness goals.

If you seek motivation, guidance, and structure associated with personal training, you are going to love and enjoy working out at Pure Results Fitness Center.

The workouts are a unique blend of full-body strength training, cardiovascular and core stability exercises that are guaranteed to enhance all elements of fitness. If you are ready to have an incredible experience while getting in the best shape of your life, then Pure Results is the place to be. These full body strength/weight training sessions will motivate you to push harder than you ever thought possible because you receive real support, not an orientation, but personalized, professional guidance each and every workout!

Each one hour session is tailored to meet your fitness needs so you do not have to worry about working out beyond or below your capacity. Meaning, everyone has a different body type or activity level, with or without a past injury or other limitations, as well as a unique metabolism; fast or slow. We cater to your needs by making changes to your exercises and nutrition plan as your body changes and progresses over time. At Pure Results we help you adapt to the natural changes in your body and continue to challenge your body for the better.  

Contact Pure Results Fitness Center by email at customerservice@pureresultsnow.com for any questions or concerns.  Make sure to schedule your one free trial session to test drive and see if you like it. You'll never know unless you try!  So give us a call and set up your free trial session at (425) 939-6857.

Thank you.


Ray Hecita, Founder/President/Certified Trainer

May Hecita, Co Founder/Certified Trainer

Andrew Fennel, Certified Trainer

Sarah Troske, Certified Trainer