Corporate Wellness at Work


Corporate Wellness at Work


If you are an employer who is looking to promote health and wellness within the workplace, then there are number of reasons why you may want to consider investing in Pure Results Fitness At Work.  Here are just a few of them…

Signing up for corporate gym membership may mean that your employees have access to more affordable health insurance rates.  Meaning the more your employees increase their fitness, the more fewer claims.

Regular exercise may have a positive effect on everything from the cost of your corporate health insurance to the number of days which your staff take off as sick leave, so it can be well worth doing.

Healthy employees who take good care of their wellness are also likely to make more productive and efficient workers, so your business will benefit and is a win win for everyone.

Benefits for employees are increase retention and employee satisfaction.

For those whose employees rarely socialize together, or only ever tend to meet for drinks at a local bar, then PR Fitness At Work can also be a great way to offer an alternative, healthier method of team-bonding. If colleagues within your company are often keen to outdo one another, then this is the perfect opportunity for them to put this competitive streak to good use in the gym. Not only will they get to know one another a little better, but they will also be contributing to their own health and wellness.  

Those who exercise regularly often report that they feel less tired and lethargic, and are more content in their daily lives. They often sleep better at night and feel more refreshed and focused when it comes to completing important tasks and projects at work.

These are all no doubt qualities which any employer will encourage in their staff, and offering discounted gym membership and working directly with PR Fitness At Work can certainly be extremely helpful in achieving this.

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Please Contact Pure Results Fitness Center to learn more about pricing and the programs we have available designed especially for corporate wellness.  Pricing varies on how many employees are enrolled in a program.  

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