Full Body Blast

Tues & Thurs: 9am


If you're looking for a class that stands out from the rest and focuses on the whole body, this is it!   We start out with a dynamic warm up to increase circulation, movement and flexibility in order to prepare the body for turning, twisting, bending and lifting.  Next, we focus on each muscle group or particular body part.   We slowly increase the pace and the weight as the body warms up naturally, so that we can safely push the body for the extra challenge each and every set.


Boot Camp

Fri: 9am


This class is geared toward a faster paced, aerobic full body workout, using your body weight or light weights to increase your target heart rate.  We start doing dynamic warm ups and then challenge the body to move at a faster pace.  If you are already conditioned, have few to no limitations and are ready for more challenging movements and exercises, then this is the class for you.


Legs, Guns and Buns

Mon & Fri: 9am


Who does not want great looking glutes, toned legs and chiseled arms? Guess what, most women do!  Plus the opposit sex loves it when their partner is looking good and feeling confident.  It's all in the title, which may sound easy, but don't let the name fool you because this class is challenging.  We work your entire leg from the bottom up, inner, outer, side and finish up with the glutes.  We then work on isolating the muscle groups in your arms to blast that extra, un-wanted fat.  If you are looking to get rid of that extra cellulite in and all around the legs, glutes and arms; then this is the right class for you. 


Cardio Boxing Class

Fri: 5pm


This class is fast paced, focusing on technique, form, movement.  We start with a dynamic warm up, then move to conditioning to increase the heart rate so the body can handle the dynamic punching and kicking.  We then pick up the pace as the body is conditioned and ask you to give it all you've got by doing a burn out, which is challenging for most people.  We then finish up by slowing down the heart rate with a cool down and extensive stretching.  Let's face it, doing cardio can be boring.  So if your looking for a fun, fast paced class that keeps it moving, then this is the class for you.


Full Throttle Cardio Class

Sat: Optional Class/As Needed


This class is geared toward fast paced, high impact cardio conditioning that will kick your butt!  This is an advanced class and is not recommended unless you have been working with us for some time and are well conditioned to take on the high impact cardio with minimum rest.  If you want more of a challenge or are ready to move to the next level, this is the class for you.


Advance Ab Class

Mon: 6pm


This is another advanced class that is not recommended unless you have been consistent in working your abs or have been working out with us for some time.  This class was formulated to challenge you and your core to blast that stubborn fat that refuses to go away.  This class is about 45 mins and is fast paced with hardly any breaks.  So, if you are having trouble getting rid of that belly fat or that extra spare tire around your waist, this is the right class for you.