Top 5 Reasons Pure Results Is A Different Kind Of Personal Training Experience

Why Pure Results? How are we different from others?

1) We Are a Body Transformation Specialist.

Pure Results started since 2006, but with a 20 + years of experience that have transformed lives from people that simply wanted to lose weight, gain weight, getting ready for a competition, rehabilitation, or injury prevention.  WE have it all! With our research proven nutrition, science based exercise and a genuine love for people that wanted to reach their goal. Once you are committed we work with you in every step of the way. Our training system specifically designed to rapidly transform an individual's body composition leading to improving your health simultaneously.

2) We Educate You.

"A wise man is strong and a man with knowledge increase strength." We all have different goals. Your goal might consist of leaner and stronger looking body, losing body fat, gaining lean muscle mass, getting back to optimal health or preventing any future health problems. Whatever your goals maybe, we back it up with proper education of nutrition, diet and exercise. Have you ever stopped and look around your gym and you will probably notice that almost everyone has their own version of what they consider proper form and technique. At Pure Results we adhere to prevention of injuries either with losing fat weight or gaining muscle, proper techniques or body alignment, stability and flexibility.   Learning to correctly work the targeted areas when performing an exercise, proper nutrition, pre and post workout supplements to increase repair and recovery is the key. 

3) You Get Results

With results comes with knowledge and experience, great support system and a very well rounded and experienced trainer. It is not all just going to the gym working out and tired of not seeing results. At Pure Results we work with you with knowledge, consistency, accountability, patience, support and passion. We motivate and keep YOU Accountable, but it starts with YOU! Once that is decided and you want results, our team will roll the red carpet for you. Remember it is all about YOU!  

4) Strong Community and Family Support

What a better place to find a reliable workout friend or in a gym filled with the right people who has the same goals as staying healthy and being active. Pure Results families have a lot of motivation knowing they are in a place that will not only look good but feel great.  Most of our clients look forward to working out here and can't wait to get their workout in that day.  Because they know no matter how their day is going before they workout, they know they will feel so much better after working out with us.  We have a group of runners, cyclist, bodybuilders, including other clients that are personal trainers, coaches, walkers or any group fitness minded friend. They all count on each other to reach their goal. Work outs are fun with a friend and you will work out harder as there are healthy competition within each other that pushes them to do more. Whatever fitness goals you may have, glancing across the fitness floor at a familiar face, there is a strong motivation that you are in it together to help one another reach their fitness goals. Our clients tend to celebrate their milestones and exercises together. 

5) Motivation and Accountability

We walk the walk and talk the talk. Meaning we practice what we preach.  At Pure Results, we have gone through all the mistakes and know what works.  So our clients can see results within days of training with us.  We keep you motivated by seeing and feeling the results as your body start transforming to a new leaner, stronger and healthier body.  Exercise can help prevent two dozen health conditions, including cancer, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, mental health or dementia. It can even slow down your rate of aging aside from the benefits of toned muscles and reducing body fat, helping you to look great and boosting your self esteem in the process. How can you not get motivated with that!  We keep you accountable by making sure your workouts with us never get old.  We like to stay ahead so that your body does not get used to the same old exercises you've done day in day out.  We keep your body guessing what exercises we are going to do that day so you never get in a plateau.  We also keep you accountable by measuring you and making sure you're in the right track as far as knowing the right way to eat to help your body feel great and have more energy to do whatever you want.